The Moroccan Jewish community now numbers only between 1500 and 2000 members. It is aging quietly, without renewal, in a Jewish Morocco that is a mixture of kitsch, nostalgia and ghostly presence, but where Israeli tourists are increasingly numerous. After his postcards, sent first from Canvey Island, near London, and then from Ukraine, journalist Anshel Pfeffer sends us a letter from Morocco this week.

On April 19, Jean Claude Kuperminc reviewed the books “Aux sources juives de l’histoire de France” by Mathias Dreyfuss and “Les juifs, une tache aveugle dans le récit national” co-edited by Claire Soussen and Paul Salmona. The latter responds to him and returns to the debate about the tension that is revealed between the history of the Jews in France and their place in the national narrative.

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