The rise of the far-right party of France in the recent European elections, begs the question for many Jewish voters who their votes should go to where they can even find representation… If the union of the left is desirable, it’s on the condition that it is purged of its antisemitic tendencies, even when they are cloaked in anti-Zionism. Otherwise, it may be called “united”, but it will no longer be truly “left-wing”. If the legislative elections confirm the division of the national public sphere between an alliance of the right around the RN and an alliance of the left around LFI, a trap will have closed on the Jews of France and, with them, on all citizens for whom democracy, the rule of law and social progress, in a united Europe, constitute an ideal.

Hamas is nothing but a fundamentalist, fascist, murderous group that makes crimes against civilians its mantra and a point of pride.

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